Housing and Property

The one thing that everyone buying or selling a property has in common is that they want the process to be as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

Buying and Selling

One of the most important factors in the success of your sale or purchase is having the right solicitor. Although conveyancing fees can be very similar from one solicitor to another, the service you receive can vary greatly. It's therefore important to choose a solicitor who represents your best interests - you have a choice about which solicitor you use and don't have to employ the one recommended by your mortgage provider or estate agent.

At Walker & Co we make buying and selling property straightforward. We'll keep the process on track, giving you clear timescales, eliminating delays and keeping you posted at every step. Our conveyancing fees are easy to understand and cover any necessary legal checks and searches. When you receive a quote for conveyancing costs from us you'll know exactly what they cover and won't receive any nasty surprises.

That's why our clients recommend us to their friends and family. So whether you are buying a home or selling a property, for fast, friendly, local advice contact us today.

Buy to Let

More and more people are enjoying the rewards of investing in property. It is important to do your homework and seek expert legal advice before investing in a property.

At Walker & Co we can help you with every stage of the property investment journey from choosing the right property to finding suitable tenants. We'll also help ensure that your legal title to your investment is sound and take care of all the legal aspects from arranging searches and surveys to drafting a sound tenancy agreement. When buying-to-let there are different legal requirements to buying your own home and so it's always worth speaking with a solicitor who specialises in this area.

Deeds of Trust

A deed of trust is a legal agreement that is used to specify how a property is held between joint owners.

Walker & Co draft these agreements to include specific information that you wish to incorporate. This usually includes things like, each party's contributions towards the purchase price, your intended shares in the property as well as setting out each party's responsibilities with regards to outgoings.

It may be a useful document, given the challenging mortgage market, if a second owner is required, to obtain finance, who doesn't intend to have a future interest in the property.

A deed of trust basically reduces the risk of buying with someone else or assisting a relative and is aimed at protecting you. It can also cover various future scenarios such as what happens if one party dies or wishes to sell. Agreeing such matters at the outset is strongly recommended as it is a vital tool in avoiding future disputes and costly court action on the unfortunate occurrence of a relationship breakdown.

They can be very flexible and can be adopted to fit most situations. Walker & Co can advise you on an appropriate trust document tailored to your needs and circumstances, and ensure your monies and interests remain properly protected at all times.

Buying at Auction

Buying property at auction can be an exciting experience and is often a great way to get a good deal. However, it can also be a step into the unknown - particularly if it's your first time. By talking to a legal expert before buying at auction you can approach the process with confidence and avoid costly mistakes.

Walker & Co can advise you on all the important aspects, especially the auction legal pack, to consider before bidding at auction, helping to ensure that any property you do bid on will be a sound investment. We can also take care of all the legal practicalities of the sale, from checking property ownership to arranging searches. Our friendly and knowledgeable property auction solicitors will give you all the guidance you need to be able to enter the purchase with confidence.

Remortgaging/Equity Release

As a homeowner, at some point you may wish to consider remortgaging – either to take advantage of a better mortgage deal or to release money from your property. With different mortgage providers offering different deals, you may wish to consider changing to a new lender.

At Walker & Co we make remortgaging as quick and simple as possible. We'll guide you through the process, taking care of any paperwork and legal checks. We'll also review the terms of your existing mortgage so that you don't uncover any surprises later.

Our friendly solicitors are experts in all areas of property law but will always speak your language – not legal jargon, giving you the confidence that you're making the right decisions at every stage.


Are you looking to transfer the ownership of a property from one person to another? It is important that the process is completed correctly to ensure everything progresses smoothly and to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

Our expert property solicitors can help with every stage of a transfer of title, providing the support to complete your transfer efficiently and correctly. We'll contact the Land Registry on your behalf and ensure that all the necessary documentation is properly completed. We will also explain any factors that may arise from the transfer - giving you the peace of mind that all the legal details have been covered correctly. We'll keep you informed throughout every stage to help ensure that your transfer process is swift and straightforward.

Residential Tenancy Agreements

Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, it makes good sense to have a binding tenancy agreement in place. Not only will this highlight your rights and responsibilities but it will also help maintain a positive relationship between you and your landlord or tenant.

A tenancy agreement is a contract between a tenant and a landlord. It should clearly explain what is expected of each party, providing everyone with the peace of mind that they know where they stand.

As well as asking a tenant to sign a tenancy agreement, landlords will sometimes request a deposit before letting a property to a tenant. The deposit provides security to the landlord but should be returned to the tenant at the end of the lease, providing that the terms set out in the tenancy agreement have been met. Landlords are now legally required to place the deposit in one of three government-backed tenancy deposit schemes.

Walker & Co offers expert advice regarding tenancy agreements and deposits for both tenants and landlords. So if you have a question or would like to find out how we can help, give us a call today. Our friendly and knowledgeable property solicitors are here for you and our free first advice promise ensures that it won't cost you a penny to see how we can help you.

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